MVBT Girl Scout Troop #60736 – July 2022

Stroke Awareness

On May 22, 2022, our Juniors hosted a special presentation on Zoom on Stroke Awareness following our MVBT Sunday Service.  Our four Junior Scouts earned their Bronze Award for their project.

Bridging and Award Ceremony

On June 5, our entire troop held a Bridging and Award Ceremony on June 5, where:


  • Bridging to Cadette: Kelsey and Hayden
  • Bridging to Senior: Kurumi
  • Bridging to Ambassador: Kendall, Kiera and Tabitha Smith


  • The Junior Bronze Award was earned by Hayden, Kelsey, Kelly and Sophie
  • The My Promise, My Faith Pin were earned by Padma Scouts:
    • Junior, Year 1 – Kelly and Kelsey
    • Cadette, Year 2 – Kurumi
    • Senior, Year 2 – Kendall and Kiera
  • The 10-year Girl Scout Pin was earned by Kendall, Kiera and Tabitha

Break for Summer

Our troop will take a break this summer and hopes to return in-person in the fall.

In Gassho,

Girl Scout Troop #60736