About taiko

Taiko is the art of Japanese drumming. We offer classes for adults and children. We accept new students in September on a space-available basis, and the session runs until July, when we do our final performance at the MVBT Obon festival.   Learn the art of taiko and perform at various Temple events and some external events.


The MVBT Taiko children’s class is open to children ages 7 to 18 (must be enrolled in the MVBT Dharma School). Dues are free to MVBT members, otherwise $50 per month plus volunteer hours at the Temple.

Taiko Coordinator
Ashley Uyehara

Dharma School Taiko Instructors
Christopher Fajardo
Elise Fujimoto
Kiyoshi Shikuma

Adult Taiko Instructors
Trish Kume
Susan Yuen
Yumi Ishihara

Seniors Taiko Instructors
Susan Yuen
Linda Uyechi