Young Buddhist Association (YBA)

Young Buddhist Association (YBA)

About YBA

The Mountain View Young Buddhist Association is a youth group for high school students seeking to learn more about the teachings of the Dharma and how to implement them in their daily lives.

YBA is a great opportunity for high school students to make new friends, learn more about Buddhism and connect with the Temple community. The YBA holds monthly general meetings, attends conferences, and participates in religious retreats. Some of their favorite activities are the Mountain View Obon Festival, the YBA Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser and an annual camping trip at the beach.

YBA Board

President: Megan Nakagawa
Vice-President: Evan Itow
Treasurer: Ryan Mukoyama
Recording Secretary: Katie Yasuda
Corresponding Secretary: Sara Ho
Religious Chairperson: Jake Aquino
Activities Chairperson: Chloe Lim
Coast District Representative: Ko Kitani
Historian: Vanessa Higa


Brent Izutsu
Tracey Mukoyama
Yumi Higa
Debbie Ho
Parent Coordinator: Debbie Sato
Minister Advisor: Reverend Mukojima