Oasaji Group

Oasaji Group

About oasaji group

The Oasaji Group meets before every Sunday service. It provides the opportunity to take time out of our busy lives to stop, calm down, reflect upon ourselves, and show our gratitude for everything that allows us to live at this moment by chanting in the morning.

The Oasaji Group is open to MVBT members interested in learning to chant and more about Buddhist rituals. There are no dues required.

Minister/Advisor: Reverend Mukojima
Coordinator: Ken Nakano

What does Oasaji mean?

  • “O” means honorific.
  • “asa” means morning.
  • “ji” means affair.

Oasaji refers to something done in the morning with respect and reverence…thus at our Temple, it implies a Buddhist service in the morning. The Oasaji group learns and practices the techniques of chanting, ringing the kansho bell, and arranging the onaijin. Chanting with the Reverend on the onaijin during a Sunday service is another experience to take part in and in the absence of the Reverend, the Oasaji Group conducts the chanting for Sunday services.