Dharma School

Dharma School

About dharma school

The primary objective of the Dharma School is to promote and spread the teachings of the Buddha and to help the students gain a better understanding of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism. Students learn to make the Dharma applicable and relevant in their daily lives. Dharma School classes are held every Sunday. Students also chair Sunday services throughout the year, participate in Sangha-led activities, and enjoy a campout at the end of the academic year.

The MVBT Dharma School is open to children pre-school through 12th grade. Classes are held on Sundays immediately after the 10:00 am Sunday Service from September through June. There are no dues required.

Dharma School Cabinet

Minister: Reverend Mukojima
Superintendent: Brent Izutsu (dssuperintendent@mvbuddhisttemple.org)
Education Coordinator: Carol Yonemura (dsdharmaedu@mvbuddhisttemple.org)
Treasurer: Kim Tsuchida (dstreasurer@mvbuddhisttemple.org)
Corresponding & Recording Secretary: Norman Paris (dssecretary@mvbuddhisttemple.org)
Registrar: Donna Weeks (dsregistration@mvbuddhisttemple.org)
Communications & Website: Randy Sato (dscommunications@mvbuddhisttemple.org)
Parent Association Coordinator: None
Taiko Coordinator: Joy Tanaka (sheezka@gmail.com)
Librarian: Jeanne Ohara
Librarian: Marie Ochi-Jacobs

Dharma School teachers

Pre-School: Tracey Mukoyama, JoAnn Yamani, Curt Fukuda
Kindergarten & 1st Grade: Traci Endo Inouye, Francis Sawamura, Reiko Tsuchida
2nd & 3rd Grade: Toshiko Uyehara, Diane Umemoto, Mari Ueda-Tao
4th & 5th Grade: Joan Aoki, Sharon Tsukahara
6th, 7th & 8th Grade: Carol Yonemura, Debby Inenaga
High School: Alex Muselman, Cori Kumamoto