Obon & Bazaar

Obon & Bazaar


Traditionally called Obon, Kangi-E (Gathering of Joy) is a time to return to one’s home and reflect upon what one has received from others. Based upon a time when Mogallana, one of Shakyamuni’s disciples, sought to honor the loss of his mother, Obon is an opportunity for everyone to remember those who have passed before us. It is a time to appreciate all that they have done and to recognize the continued impact of their deeds upon our lives.

Over the centuries, the Obon service incorporated a festival. The festival included local folk music and Obon Odori, or Obon dancing, in which a town, village, or temple would dance in memory of their ancestors.


At Mountain View Buddhist Temple, we observe Obon during the 2nd weekend of July and host a Bazaar. We build booths, make food, host games, provide live entertainment and – most importantly – we dance! The entire community is invited to celebrate with us. 

Obon at Home

In 2020 we were forced by the COVID pandemic to move to an online format. The digital format of the celebration in 2020 allowed us to share our event on-line. Our celebration is still available at this link: Obon @ Home 2020

In 2021 we were again forced to move on-line. Undaunted, we gathered to share our appreciation for our forebearers with friends and family everywhere. Listen to our stories, share in our cooking secrets, dance with us, and enjoy musical entertainment featuring our Sangha members. The link is here:  Obon @ Home 2021.