Adult Buddhist Association (ABA)

Adult Buddhist Association (ABA)

About ABA

ABA promotes the ideal qualities of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism through social, cultural, community, and religious activities among adult Buddhists.  We participate in all the Temple’s religious and fund-raising activities and organize our own activities such as trips to local attractions, attendance at sporting and theater events, and wine tasting.

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ABA members are generally 50 to 80 years old, but is open to members of any age. Dues are $25 per year.

If you wish to join or have questions about ABA, please contact

ABA Board

President: Ken Nakano
Vice-President: Russ Nakano
Treasurer: Sterling Makishima
Auditor: Steve Tsuchida
Historian: Toshiko Uyehara
Assistant Historian: Lois Okino
Recording Secretary: Lois Okino
Assistant Recording Secretary: Shirley Matsumoto
Corresponding Secretary: Joyce Okumura-Lee
Assistant Corresponding Secretary: Marilyn Ozawa
Co-Social Chairpersons: Alice Ishida and Judy Nakano
Membership Chairperson: Reiko Tsuchida
Assistant Membership Chairperson: Mieko Nakano
Hospitality Chairperson: Joanne Makishima
Advisor: Jean Shimoguchi
Ministerial Advisor: Reverend Mukojima

Excerpt from the ABA by-laws

This organization shall be known as the Mountain View Adult Buddhist Association. The official abbreviation of the association shall be ABA. The purpose of this organization shall be to promote friendship among adult Buddhists and to work mutually to promote the ideal qualities of Buddhism.

This organization shall promote social, cultural, religious programs, projects, and activities to further the purpose of the organization.