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Hanamatsuri Service for April 11, 2021

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Statement on Continued Closure of Operations
August 14, 2020

Given the current status of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Mountain View Buddhist Temple would like to inform everyone that we will continue to remain closed until further notice.

Our Temple’s Executive Committee and Board of Directors have continuous discussions regarding our operating status. At this time, we advise all our affiliated organizations and the community members who enjoy taking part in our activities to expect that the closure will last, at least until January 1, 2021. This closure date is subject to change as new guidance and recommendations are given based on the latest information available.

Decisions on re-opening will be made by the Temple’s Board of Directors which includes our resident Minister. These decisions will be made primarily with consideration for the health safety of our members, our visitors, our ministerial staff, our lay staff and volunteers, and our surrounding communities.

We appreciate everyone’s patience during this time which reminds us of the impermanence of all things. As new discoveries are made regarding the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 and how to treat COVID-19, guidance and recommendations will change.

While we continue to maintain physical distance, we encourage all to maintain connected through phone calls, on-line conferencing, and various social media offerings from the Temple. Please remember we can maintain connection with the Three Treasures: Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha, even during these times of physical separation.

Namo Amida Butsu
“With kindness and gratitude beyond words”

In gassho,
Rev. Yushi Mukojima, Resident Minister
Doug Sawamura, President

Our Mission

The mission of the Mountain View Buddhist Temple is to share the Jodo Shinshu teachings in a safe and inclusive environment for its members, its affiliated organizations, and those who seek to explore the Buddha Dharma.

Our Values

Dharma-Centered: We mindfully integrate and share our Jodo Shinshu teachings in all that we do.

Interdependence: We operate as a Sangha of individuals that look out for our collective well-being.

Tradition: We value the wisdom of those who came before us and look to them to pass on evolving traditions and responsibilities.

Impermanence: We operate with a deep appreciation for all the causes and conditions that brought us here, and are forward-looking with a long view for future generations.

Compassion: Understanding the nature of suffering, we endeavor to demonstrate loving kindness to ourselves and others in our Temple community and beyond.

Community: We strive for an inclusive and safe community where all abide by a code of conduct that respects and protects each other.

The Mountain View Buddhist Temple Sangha is made up of people of various backgrounds and ages. We are followers of Jodo Shinshu Buddhist teachings. Many “pioneer” members and their children and grandchildren are active members of the Sangha.

Throughout the years, more families and individuals have joined our Sangha adding to the diversity of our temple. New members are always welcomed and encouraged to participate in the many temple activities.

Last update: April 10, 2021
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