Buddhist Women’s Association (BWA)

Buddhist Women’s Association (BWA)

About BWA

BWA members work diligently and tirelessly for the betterment of Temple, youth, and Dharma School.  BWA contributes to the needs of the affiliated organizations through Dana (selfless giving) and Temple activities, where many friendships are formed.

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The BWA is open to women and men of all ages. Dues are $20 per year.

BWA is the only Temple organization under the BCA and through district assessment, that is requested to help fund ministers and their spouse whether active or retired for koden, oseibo, orei, and other funds. We are also assessed to fund active ministers’ continuing education and the Wheel of Dharma publication.

BWA Cabinet

President: Reiko Murakami
Vice President: Shirley Matsumoto
Recording Secretary: Phyllis Chan
Corresponding Secretary: Lois Okino
Treasurer: Joan Aoki
Historian: Amy Arakaki
Religious Chairperson: Lorrie Kitasoe
Official Delegates: Reiko Murakami and Joan Aoki
Minister/Advisor: Reverend Mukojima