Mochitsuki literally means “pounding mochi”. At MVBT it’s much more than that. It’s the gathering of the Sangha in December to pound over 2000 pounds of sweet glutinous rice into mochiWe pound it in early December in anticipation of the New Year.

We are very excited to bring back our first Mochitsuki in person after three long years! We hope you have eaten all the ones in your freezer and are ready to order fresh and delicious mochi made by our Temple members.

We pound by hand and we pound by machine. We form komochi and okasane by hand, and then package and distribute the mochi to families and friends for the New Year. 

Over the years, it’s not only the making of mochi that is important, it is a favorite Sangha activity where we come together to work, laugh, and enjoy our community. 

Visit the Mochitsuki website to Order Mochi and Sign Up to Join us on December 11th in the making of the Mochi!