MVBT Grounds

MVBT Grounds

The Mountain View Buddhist Temple is situated in the heart of Mountain View. The Temple complex consists of a number of structures designed and constructed to adequately accommodate and foster the spiritual and social growth of its members.

Our Facilities

hondo. The hondo is the main worship hall. All regular services are held in the hondo as well as holiday services, special services, memorial services, weddings, and funerals.

nokotsudo. The nokotsudo, or columbarium, is also referred to as the Nirvana Room. It is a special area for the storage of ashes of loved ones. Urns are placed in individual niches. There is an altar within the nokotsudo where family members may offer incense and flowers in a quiet setting.

Education Buildings. The education buildings provide space for a library and classrooms. The classrooms are used regularly for Sunday Dharma School classes and for special events at MVBT. 

Sangha Hall. The Sangha Hall is MVBT’s social hall. The largest building on site, it is also a multi-purpose hub for our community. A large lobby, gymnasium space, fully equipped kitchen, classrooms, and stage area make it ideal for regular activities as well as special events.

YBA Hall. The YBA Hall was the first building at MVBT site and the original site of the hondo. It now hosts the Temple office, our board room, a conference room, full kitchen, and a multi-purpose hall.

Of Note

Dharma Wheel.The striking Wheel of Dharma on the outside front wall of the hondo was built and donated by the Matsumoto Brothers, who owned and operated T & J Garage. The Wheel was made of high tensile steel for its resistance to corrosion so it requires no maintenance. It is approximately 6 1/2 feet in diameter and was installed in March 1979.

Shinran Shonin Statue. The striking statue of Shinran Shonin, the founder of Shin Buddhism, was dedicated on May 11, 2014. 

Face of the Buddha in the Circle. This special piece was donated by George and Fumi Nakano in May 2005 in gratitude for George’s successful open-heart surgery. It was created by Deborah Bridges and her son, Casey, of Studio Bridges. George was an astrophysicist who studied the stars while he worked for Lockheed Missiles and Space. He was also a Jodo Shinshu Buddhist who would share the sentiment with friends and family that Buddhism will not conflict with science. “Karmic cause and effect are the basis of Buddhist cosmology as it is with science.” 

Our Gardens. The members of the Landscaping Committee provide special weekly care of our grounds and gardens.

Crooked Norfolk Pine. Among the special plants in our gardens is the tall giant Norfolk Pine at the front of the hondo. It was planted by the Lord Abbot Kosho Ohtani and Lady Ohtani of the Kyoto Nishi Honganji to commemorate their visit to Mountain View Buddhist Temple on May 15, 1964. The tree has since taken firm hold in the ground, the branches extend high and wide, and its historic beginnings remind us to hold firm to the Nembutsu Path.