Dharma School News – October 2022

Dharma School started its new year on Sunday, September 11.  We were so happy to see all of our students again in-person after two and a half years of online instruction!  It’s remarkable how different everyone looks after all of this time. 

If you know of any family who might be interested in joining our Dharma School, please encourage them to come and experience one of our classes — it’s not too late!


The Dharma School classes for 2022-23 are as follows:

Preschool: Curt Fukuda, Tracey Mukoyama, and Joann Yamani

Kindergarten and 1st Grade: Frances Sawamura, Reiko Tsuchida, and Traci Inouye

2nd and 3rd Grade: Diane Umemoto, Toshiko Uyehara and Mari Ueda-Tao

4th Grade: Joan Aoki and Sharon Tsukahara

5th and 6th Grade: Carol Yonemura and Debby Inenaga

7th and 8th Grade: Kelsey Sawamura and Hayley Sawamura

High School: Alex Musselman, Cori Kumamoto, and Bruce Morimoto

We would also like to acknowledge our librarians, Jeanne Ohara and Marie Ochi-Jacobs.


Several parents and Dharma School teachers also volunteer their time and energy serving on the Dharma School

Cabinet and we were happy to officially install them as officers of the Dharma School on September 11 as well.  The MVBT Dharma School Cabinet for 2022-23 is:

Superintendent: Brent Izutsu

Dharma Education Coordinator: Carol Yonemura

Secretary: Norman Paris

Treasurer: Kim Tsuchida

Registrar: Donna Weeks

Dharma School Communications: Randy Sato

Taiko Coordinator: Joy Tanaka

Parent Coordinator:   As mentioned in the Dharma School Parents’ Meeting also held on Sunday, September 11, we were unable to recruit a Parent Coordinator again this year.  It is a position that has been vacant for the last few years, but would be great to fill now as we find a new cadence for our activities.  To learn more, please contact Brent Izutsu.


Sunday, October 2: High School Class chairs Service

Sunday, October 16: 7th & 8th Grade Class chairs Service

Sunday, October 23: 4th Grade Class chairs Service

Sunday, October 30: 2nd & 3rd Grade Class chairs Service.  Dharma School Halloween Parade

In Gassho,

Brent Izutsu

Dharma School Superintendent