Miroku – October 2022

In Person Meeting Resumes

Miroku members were happy to have our first meeting in person on Sunday, September 11.  We had eight members attend and welcomed the new 6th graders. 

After introductions, we discussed the purpose of Miroku (service to the Temple, community service and fun!) and then reviewed activities for this year.  Next, we discussed Miroku chairing Sangha Day Picnic service and we assigned speaking roles. 

We closed our meeting with Mr. Randy Sato showing us how to perform the monthly check on the AEDs around the Temple grounds.  A big THANK YOU to Mr. Randy for taking the time and helping us.

Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be held Sunday, October 2, at 12 pm (after Dharma School) in the YBA conference room.

In Gassho,

Kate Hojo

Miroku Member