Seniors Activities & Crafts Program News – May 2023

Miyo Takegami has been in our committee for over 20 years, the same as Chuck Uyeda, and has decided to retire.  We will truly miss Miyo for she has worked hard to keep our Senior Activities strong.  Thank you again, Miyo.

We want to welcome Julie Ushiba for volunteering to be on our committee.  Julie will be a great asset to our committee for her dedication and hard work.  Thank you, Julie, for joining us.

Senior Activities:.

Thursday, May 18:  We will have movie time.  Scott Hirotsu is in-charge and he has selected a popular old-time movie called “The Geisha.”  Please join us and enjoy the movie with friends.  Lunch to be served at 11:30 am and the movie to start at 12:30 pm.

Thursday, June 8:  We have a fun day playing BINGO.  Lunch will be provided and prizes can be won.  Also, this will be our last Senior Activities session before the summer break and will resume in September.

Weekly Activities

FYI.  We can use more Hana (Japanese card) players. 

Also, you can join playing the rummy card game, line dancing, sing along, chair exercise, Taiko, or just relax and socialize with friends.  This program is for you.

Senior Crafts

The craft program starts at 9:00 am and ends at 12:00 pm.  Instructors Jeanne Ohara, Toshiko Uyehara and Emi Fukushima are in-charge.

Cookbook Now $10

Our Senior Cookbooks are still available at the office or can be purchased through our committee members.  The price is $10, which makes for a nice gift.

Join Us

Light refreshments are provided with coffee and tea. Everyone is invited to join our program.

In Gassho,
Aiko Sugimoto-Miyamoto