Rev. & Mrs. Sensho Sasaki Scholarship

The Rev. Sensho and Mrs. Kinuko Sasaki Scholarship was awarded at the Sunday Service on Jun11 to three Dharma School, high school graduating seniors.  Congratulations to Jake Aquino, Ryan Mukoyama and Jarrett Wong.


After the passing of both Rev. Sensho and Mrs. Kinuko Sasaki, a scholarship in their name was established at the Mountain View Buddhist Temple in 1985 with a donation from the families of their children.  Now, the Sasaki Scholarship is funded by the proceeds of the Rev. and Mrs. Sensho Sasaki Scholarship Memorial Golf Tournament. 

Each June, the Sasaki scholarship is awarded to a college-bound high school student in the Temple.  The recipient must enroll in a college, express a strong interest in the Buddhist religion, have an excellent attendance record in Dharma School, and have been participating in other Buddhist activities.  The scholarship committee also considers YBA participation, Buddhist education activities and an essay.  Sometimes the committee awards multiple scholarships, depending on the qualifications of the applicants.

To date, the Scholarship Committee has given 66 scholarships to deserving Dharma School high school graduates.

In Gassho,

Sasaki Scholarship Committee