Miroku News – July 2020

This month, Miroku had our last meeting virtually using Zoom technology with 14 members present. 

We discussed all that we contributed to at the Temple this year and what to do with our unfinished sock drive.  We also talked about our fun activity this year, the Escape Room.  Then, we discussed our new business. 

We congratulated the 8th graders leaving Miroku (Connor Sato, Mason Inouye and Christopher Hojo). 

After that, we talked about the virtual Obon and ideas on how Miroku could contribute to it. 

Finally, we ended our meeting with scribble.io.  A great way to end the year!


In Gassho,

Christopher Hojo

8th Grade Miroku Member


Namo Amida Butsu: “With kindness and gratitude beyond words.”