Girl Scout Troop News – August 2020


Although we are still sheltering-in-place, several of our Scouts will still participate in the BCA Bon Odori program.  To earn this year’s special edition patch, girls will learn more about the meaning of Obon, the theme or meaning of the dances, how to care for and use the Obon dance accessories, and they will participate virtually in a Temple’s Obon dancing.


As an MVBT affiliated organization, the Girl Scouts created an informational video as part of OBON at HOME.


While we were not able to hold our Bridging Ceremony, we would still like to recognize the girls that will (eventually) be able to Bridge to the next level of Scouting.  They are listed below.

Brownie to Junior

Kelsey D.
Hayden S.
Sloane N.

Cadette to Senior

Kendall H.
Kiera N.
Tabitha S.

Ambassador to Adult

Julianne H.
Lauren H.
Stacey K.
Kylie M.
Wendy S.
Kalyn W.


In Gassho,

Girl Scout Troop #60736