Dharma School News – June 2024


Dharma School Year-End Activity

Please save the date!  This year’s Dharma School Year-End Activity will be held on Saturday, June 1.  We will have a special magic show with Dante the Magician followed by dinner from a mobile taco stand and a movie screening in the Sangha Hall.  Additional details and an RSVP form will be emailed out as they become available.

Frances Sawamura’s 60th Teaching Anniversary

For those of you who could not join us at the Hanamatsuri Luncheon and our celebration of Frances Sawamura’s 60th anniversary of being a Dharma School teacher at Mountain View Buddhist Temple, you may view the surprise tribute video at:



Thank you to Carol Yonemura for coordinating all of the submissions and interviews and to Curt Fukuda for editing the video!

BCA 125th Anniversary and Dharma School Monto Shikisho

If you did not get a chance to purchase a BCA 125th Anniversary/FDSTL Monto Shikisho, there are still some children-sized ones available for purchase.  While adult sizes are currently sold out, a second order will be placed this fall and pre-orders are currently being accepted.

FDSTL Conference

This year’s Federation of Dharma School Teachers’ Leagues (FDSTL) Conference was hosted by the Coast District Dharma School Teachers’ League (CDSSTL) on Saturday, April 27, and was held at the Mountain Buddhist Temple.  The theme for this year’s conference was “Nurturing Shinran’s Seeds,” with Dr. Paula Arai, the Eshinni and Kakushinni Professor of Women and Buddhist Studies at the Institute of Buddhist Studies, delivering the keynote speech.


Kay Fukumoto, one of the founders of Maui Taiko, presented Great-Grandfather’s Drum, a documentary that traces her family’s heritage and celebrates Japanese-American culture and history in Hawaiʻi.

Thank You, MVBT Sangha

I am deeply grateful for the Mountain View Buddhist Temple Sangha for providing so much support to make our conference a success!  We truly could not have accomplished it without your dedication and generosity!  Special thank you to the Tsukahara, Matsumoto, Sato, Makishima, and Nakano families for spending the day with us and assisting in so many ways! 

本当に ありがとう ございました

(Honto ni arigato gozaimasu)


In Gassho,

Brent Izutsu

Dharma School Superintendent