Adult Buddhist Association (ABA) News – June 2024

Alta Mesa Cemetery Cleanup

ABA’s community service was held at Alta Mesa Cemetery on April 20.  This year we had over 40 participants and enjoyed the Miroku and Girl Scout members and parents who joined us in tidying an area of the cemetery. Thank you’s to Mel Inouye who coordinated the donation of flowers from the San Francisco Flower Market, to Joyce Okumura-Lee and Sharon Tsukahara for arriving early to organize the flowers and to the “whacko’s”, to David Kariya, Sterling Makishima, Peter Matsumoto and Ken Tsukahara ,who brought their weed whackers to trim the headstones.

Also, to Judy Nakano who provided a delicious and filling lunch with assistance from Alice Ishida, Mieko Nakano and Emi and Rich Mori

Special thanks to the Miroku and Girl Scout members who attended!

FDSTL Conference Support

The following ABA members helped with providing salads for lunch at the Federation of Dharma School League Conference and for dinner on April 27: Joyce Okumura, Janis Hiramoto, Mieko Nakano, Emi Mori, Alice Ishida and Judy Nakano

Chicken Teriyaki Fundraiser

ABA will be supporting the Chicken Teriyaki Fundraiser on June 1 – 2 with barbecuing and rice packing.

Join ABA

If you are interested in joining ABA or have any questions, please contact Reiko Tsuchida (Membership Chairperson), Mieko Nakano (Assistant Membership Chairperson) or any ABA member.

Next Meeting

The next ABA meeting will be held on Friday, June 14, at 7:30 pm (Hybrid).

In Gassho,

Ken Nakano

ABA President