2022 Sangha Day Picnic – Our Sangha makes us strongha

Thank You to Everyone

Thank you to everyone who came out to this year’s Sangha Day Picnic!  Our goal was to welcome our Sangha back to the Temple and celebrate a spirit of community.  It was a wonderful day, with approximately 220 people ending up joining us, with a quarter of those attending under the age of 18.

Highlights of the Day

  • Service was chaired by Miroku middle schoolers and two IMOP students each gave inspiring Dharma Talks
  • YBA spearheaded a scavenger hunt designed to have kids meet adults, as well as entertained the kids with arm painting, and water balloon games
  • The Vision Committee organized a “community fair” where various Temple groups manned tables, answered questions, and encouraged participation
  • Girl Scouts organized age-based guessing jars and Boy Scouts shot off water rockets with the kids
  • BINGO was a lot of fun, as we were able to give away some exciting and generous donations from local merchants (see the full list below)
  • The YBA’s 50/50 raffle had a total of $1,600 worth of tickets sold, with a lucky winner getting half of that big prize!
  • Shave ice!  After a three-year hiatus, YABA members helped to bring the MVBT shave ice back.  It was a big hit; several young ones said they had multiple servings throughout the day.
  • BWA helped plate & YBA helped serve the yummy cake that had “Our Sangha Makes Us Strongha” written on it
  • We launched a Thousand Crane project, intended to memorialize our Sangha coming back together after COVID.  While we didn’t fold 1,000 that day, we will continue to encourage crane folding and have plans to layout so that it can be displayed somewhere.  Stay tuned!


Everyone Pitched In

We could not have done it without the help of our MVBT affiliated organizations, who were wonderful at pitching in and volunteering time and effort to provide manpower and spearhead day-of activities.  We also had much appreciated help from the Tech Committee, Maintenance Committee, Julie Nakatani (who offered invaluable assistance), and Ken Yuzuriha (who designed our SDP 2022 Putra logo). 

Finally, deep appreciation to so many of you who generously donated to the Sangha Day Picnic this year.  We are so grateful.


With gassho,

The Members of Zone