2021 MVBT Membership Drive!

With the debut of our five new membership levels to support our diverse Sangha, the MVBT Membership Committee is excited to introduce the 2021 MVBT Membership Drive!

Membership Goal:

To grow the MVBT membership to 400 in 2021.

Member Benefits:

Learn about the Dharma, enjoy a sense of community, help make a difference, grow personally, experience social and cultural events, and know you have the support of the Sangha.

Why Join:

Membership is a critical component of the MVBT community, and your dues support the day-to-day operations and expenses for maintaining the Temple, our programs, and services.

Member Expectations:

Pay your annual dues, beyond that participation is an individual choice. You may be as active in the Temple as you like, but participation is not required. However, we believe that the more you get involved, the more you’ll receive in personal satisfaction and growth.

We will be posting weekly updates on our progress in Putra’s Post and encourage all of you who haven’t renewed or joined, to do so today!

Learn more about membership at https://mvbuddhisttemple.org/01c-membership.html

Help us reach our goal and Join or Renew Today at https://mvbuddhisttemple.org

In Gassho,
MVBT Membership Committee