2020 Sangha Day @ Home – Thank You

Thank you, everyone, for joining us at Sangha Day @ Home!  It all would not have happened without the help of all our affiliated organizations and the fantastic MVBT Tech Support team.

It was wonderful to see over 90 people attend the Sangha Day @ Home event, and we hope this trend continues to grow, so please engage others to join in the fun of our future events and activities. 

Congratulations to Vanessa Higa for being the Bingo Grand Prize winner!  And all the other winners of “Your Day with Putra” and “Sangha Day Picnic Memories.”  If you haven’t picked up your prizes at the Temple, please do so soon!  Julie Nakatani will be waiting for your call at (650) 964-9426 to arrange for your pick up.

Putra in Hawaii with the Higa Family

Tao Family are social distancing using FaceTime with Bachan and Putra. “Ha, ha!”

Breakout room activities. “How to Make Towel Animals”. Shown are elephants and monkeys.



We realize that teaching family members might be challenging to do, so please reach out to our Tech Support team; they can help.  Please email us at:  techsupport @mvbuddhisttemple.org or Call: 650-964-9426, option 3.  Kristi Matsumoto created a Zoom user guide just for the Temple.  The guide is located at:  https://sangha.mvbuddhisttemple.org/tech-support/ 

We would love to see all of the Sangha engaged in our events.

 In Gassho,

Donna, Sandy & Yuki

Zone 13