YBA News – February 2024

YBA Spaghetti Dinner

Our YBA Spaghetti Dinner chair, Jillian Higa is currently planning this year’s YBA fundraiser that will take place on Saturday, February 10.  Along with the dinner, we will also have BINGO and a Raffle. 

Paper and online order forms are currently available. 

The committees have been working hard on their respective parts for the past couple months.  We are excited to put on this fundraiser.

Mountain View Coast
District Winter Activity

Our CD Activity took place on Saturday, January 20 at MVBT.  Members from San Jose, Salinas, and Mountain View got to know each other via a fun icebreaker. 

The main activity involved a cooking activity where members were able to cook their own food. 

Thank you to our CD Activity planners: Emi Hirabayashi, Mason Inouye and Connor Sato for planning and organizing the whole activity. 

In Gassho,

Allyson Itow

2023-2024 YBA President