Vision-ing Coming to Your Affiliate Orgs/Committees

The VISION committee has been busy approaching EACH of the affiliates, committees, groups and special activities to ask questions that will help us with determining what facilities changes the Sangha requires.  We have already scheduled or discussed these questions with 20 or more groups.  The questions we are starting with are:

  • WHAT kinds of facilities that DO NOT EXIST NOW at MVBT would help you run and expand your program?
  • WHAT about our current facilities LIMIT the ability for you to run and expand your program?
  • WHAT facility change might IMPROVE your program?
  • WHAT facility change might INCREASE your programs membership and/or outreach?
  • WHAT about our current facility IS ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL and is necessary for your program/group.

This information will be very important for us to develop master planning suggestions to the Facilities Planning Committee.  If you are a member of any of the organizations or otherwise wish to provide us feedback, we are happy to include you. 



Bob Matsumoto and Leslie Imai assisted by Rev. Mukojima have been working across many committees and groups to implement the many ‘Low Hanging Fruit’ workshop suggestions.  This is a MAJOR task for us to create and deepen the connections we have as a Sangha.  Note that many of these are not simply the action of the LHF Sub-Committee, but are a product of multiple individuals and committees working together for the benefit of the Sangha.

This committee is coordinating with Kimochi Kai and Yu-Ai Kai to bring a presentation to the Sangha early in 2021.  Look for an announcement in Putra’s Post.

More will follow, we are still gearing up and welcome anyone who would like to help us continue to improve MVBT services and programs.


Submitted by Julie Satake Ryu on behalf of the VISION Committee