Thank You, Marilyn Ozawa – Sanjo Kanyoshi

The Mountain View Buddhist Temple would like to congratulate and thank Marilyn Ozawa, also known professionally as Sanjo Kanyoshi, for her 50 dedicated years of leading us in Odori Dancing at the Obon Festival & Bazaar.  In 2020, her children from across the country were planning to come and celebrate and dance to commemorate this milestone.  Well, we know that the coronavirus got a bit in the way of that celebration.  Nonetheless, the MVBT OBON-at-HOME First Team honored Marilyn with a surprise and special video that included sentiments from her family and Yagura friends.  A short version of this was shown during the Broadcast and a longer version has been created to give to Marilyn and her family to let her know how much we deeply appreciate her dedication to leading us with her bubbling personality and encouraging smile.

Thank you Sanjo Kanyoshi!  Let’s keep Dancing!

 Submitted by Julie Satake Ryu on behalf of the OBON at HOME First Team