Presentation to Bob Matsumoto – MVBT President 2021-2022

Bob Matsumoto served as the President of the Mountain View Buddhist Temple in 2021 and 2022.

On Sunday, January 29, 2023, past presidents Sterling Makishima and Doug Sawamura presented Bob with a Commemorative Plaque with a 2022 cabinet photo and a framed calligraphy saying “Na Mo A Mi Da Butsu.”  The gifts symbolize the Nembutsu and the gratitude and appreciation Bob will remember of his presidency.  And, how the Sangha appreciated his dedication to the Mountain View Buddhist Temple.

Sterling and Doug thanked Bob for his two-year term through which he dealt with COVID-19 pandemic.  They said that they know all Temple members and friends appreciate the work of all Temple volunteers, but past presidents truly understand what a Temple President goes through since they lived it.  Having past presidents make the presentation truly puts meaning to the presentation. 

“Thank You, Bob, for being a great leader.”

A truly GREAT LEADER is HARD to find, DIFFICULT to part with, and IMPOSSIBLE to forget.


In Gassho,

The Mountain View Buddhist Temple Sangha