MVBT Vision Committee – October 2020

Vision Workshop Ideas

As reported last month, there were many creative ideas generated from four virtual Workshops held in May and August.  A grand total of almost 300 individual “sticky notes” with ideas were written during the online Workshops.

Virtual Whiteboard used for online Vision Workshops

A key element of the Workshops was for participants to draw upon their compassion towards others.  Profiles of people who are either part of the Temple community or have interaction with the Temple were created, and participants were asked to think of ideas of how MVBT could help them with the issues or concerns that were described in their profile.

We categorized all the ideas Workshop participants generated and found that about a third of them recommended new programs that the Temple could develop.  The second highest number of ideas were pointing towards expanding or improving existing programs at the Temple.  When these two categories are combined, almost half of all ideas from the Workshops focus on programs.  Though many ideas were written down multiple times over the course of all the different Workshop sessions within each of the idea categories, we found it very telling that participants want the Temple to build programs to serve people in need of support.  It speaks volumes that our Temple community can genuinely express such compassion towards others.

The workshop participants also sorted the ideas based on the timing and scope estimated to begin to execute on these ideas.  Over a third of the ideas were thought to be actionable now.  Based on this, a subcommittee was launched to investigate the “low hanging fruit.” 

Ideas are beginning to be developed, and the Sangha will begin to see some things start to happen.  We will be seeing more discussion groups and town halls following our services, even while we are having online services.  We held a seminar following Fall O-higan Service and our next one will be following October Shotsuki Hoyo Service.  The Membership Committee is working to help new members better understand how our Temple operates and what is involved with our fundraising activities, and to increase opportunities to learn about Buddhism and our Jodo Shinshu teachings.  Please look for more things to come as we harvest more of the “low hanging fruit”.


The engagement with affiliated organizations, committees and special activities will continue as we now seek input on improvements of the Temple facilities that could enhance those groups’ activities and help them achieve their missions.  Several organizations have provided their input and the Vision Committee will be reaching out to those who have not yet had a chance to complete their feedback.  This feedback will be organized and aligned with the ideas generated from the Vision Workshops to help provide direction for the strategic growth of the Temple and update the facilities master plan as needed to align with that growth.

In Gassho,

The Vision Committee