MVBT Vision Committee – November 2020


(i.e. ideas that are quick and easy to implement)


As we reported last month, the Low Hanging Fruit subcommittee was launched to investigate the ideas that were collected from the VISION Workshops that could be implemented relatively quickly.  These ideas ranged from having Watch Parties to discussions after service, seminars, town hall meetings, Compassionate Conversations, helping our new members better engage with the Temple, how to become a Dharma School teacher and more. 

We are happy to report that your ideas have been heard and we are working with our various Temple committees and organizations to bring these ideas to fruition.

We are excited that a number of ideas have been implemented and many are in process.  Make sure you join our virtual Sunday Service Watch Parties and enjoy the after-service discussions with other Temple members.  Please join us for our virtual seminars, a 4-part series of “Intro to Buddhism.”  Keep an eye out for information on future town hall meetings and Compassionate Conversations workshops, which are in the planning stages.

We are also working with our Religious Planning Committee (RPC) on finding volunteers who welcome people to services in-person and virtually.  Our Membership Committee is doing great things developing an Onboarding Program for new members.  And our Website Committee is working on making our website easier to use and more mobile.

The VISION Committee would like to thank the affiliated organizations and the Sangha for all their input on our future and helping our Temple grow.

In Gassho,

The Vision Committee