MVBT Sewing Group – Fabric Face Masks

The MVBT Sewing Group is continuing to lovingly produce face masks for the MVBT Community.

We have plenty of face masks available!  Fabric face masks are NOT sterile and DO NOT provide complete protection from the coronavirus.  BOTH the CDC and WHO RECOMMEND face masks be worn during this pandemic.  These are designed to cover the mouth and nose.  They are to be used in addition to social distancing and hand-washing, which has been shown to slow the spread of the coronavirus according to the CDC.  Anyone in the Temple may order face masks.  When we are able to gather at the Temple again, face coverings may be required in order to participate.

If you are interested in receiving a fabric face mask (designs variable), please click here: Facemask Online Form

We are usually able to send out masks within two weeks of ordering.  We appreciate your patience.  If you have particular sizing (ex: large, male, female, young adult or children, etc) or preference for elastic or tieback style, please indicate this in the notes portion of the online order or the request form.  We will try to fill the order as best as we can.  If you have already ordered and would like another set of masks, please send in your order!

The MVBT Sewing Group meets approximately once a month to discuss how we can improve on our mask designs and also provide this valuable service to our Sangha.  Currently, we are improving our adjustable ear loops with a bead/elastic or bead/t‑shirt material.

Call Julie Satake Ryu at (650)787-9133 or email for any questions.  If you or someone you know has sewing skills and would like to join our MVBT Sewing group OR you have non-woven interfacing or a supply of 1/8 inch or ¼ inch elastic, please let me know.

Stay safe & healthy!

Julie Satake Ryu

Sewing Group:

Amy Arakaki

Teri Hirota

Lorrie Kitasoe

Shirley Matsumoto

Judy Nakano

Lois Okino

Julie Satake Ryu

Phyllis Sawamura

Pauline Shinkawa

Donna Takasuka