MVBT Keiro-kai 2022 Recap

We did it!  Our Keiro Kai was so much fun!  It was so good to see everyone gather in the gym and visit and sing!  Friends and Family together, that is our Sangha.  It was truly a good, good feeling!

Zone 11 extends our sincere appreciation to ALL of the many, many organizations and individuals who made this event possible.  Girls Scouts, Boys Scouts, YBA, Dharma School, ABA and Miroku made this happen!!

Thank you, Mike Inouye, for guiding us through the program and Reverend Mukojima for always being our support. 

Domo Arigato Gozaimasu. 

ども ありがと ございます

In Gassho,

Marilyn Ozawa and Bryan Nishimoto

Zone 11