MVBT Girl Scout Troop #60736 – October 2023

Obon Patch

In July, two Scouts participated in the BCA Scouting Obon Patch Program.

Sangha Day Picnic

The Troop is looking forward to starting their new year by hosting the Guessing Jar Game at the Sangha Day Picnic on Sunday, September 24.

The Senior/Ambassador Scouts will be meeting to check the Temple’s first aid kids and do some preparation work for the Sangha Day Picnic.

Rededication/Welcome Back

We will hold our Rededication/Welcome Back Ceremony on Saturday September 30 at the Temple.

Fall Sales

Fall Product Sales — Nuts and Magazine Sales — will begin September 30, but we will be able to take paper orders at the Sangha Day Picnic.  Keep a look out for any of our Scouts to place an order!

Join the Troop

If there is interest in joining our troop, please feel free to talk to any of our current Scout families or Leaders!


In Gassho,

Girl Scout Troop #60736