Happy 101st Birthday, Reverend Nekoda

The birthday cards to celebrate Rev. Nekoda’s 101st birthday were delivered to his assisted living facility on his big day, November 12.

Over the phone, Rev. Nekoda indicated that he was “happy and surprised to receive the cards!  THANK YOU VERY MUCH!”  Sensei has started opening the cards and he said it will probably take him all week to read them all.  He said the cards are “Very Interesting.”

The Sangha members were very creative with their cards.  Emi H. (7th grade) showcased her quilling talent by creating a card with beautiful paper wisteria flowers.  Kosuke T. (4th grade) created a card with the Buddhist Wheel.  The Inouye family (Mike, Traci, Kendall and Mason) sent a personalized “freeway” sign.

Emi’s birthday card to Rev. Nekoda

Kosuke’s “Happy Birthday” card to Rev. Nekoda: “Otanjobi Omedeto Gozaimasu”

Thank you to everyone who sent cards.

Jean Shimoguchi