Dharma School News – October 2021

Welcome to a new year of Dharma School!  With the delta variant of the coronavirus surging at the present moment, we are postponing an in-person return to Dharma School classes until January 2022 at the earliest.  

If you know of any family who might be interested in joining our Dharma School, please encourage them to come and experience one of our classes — it’s not too late!


The Dharma School classes for 2021-22 are as follows:

Pre-K:   Curt Fukuda, Tracey Mukoyama and JoAnn Yamani

Producing monthly videos with storytime and other fun activities and mailing supplies monthly for projects.

Kindergarten & 1st Grade: Traci Inouye, Frances Sawamura and Reiko Tsuchida

Meeting the third Sunday of each month on Zoom starting in September; sending lessons to students and would like parent involvement.

2nd & 3rd Grade:   Diane Umemoto and Toshiko Uyehara

Meeting the second Sunday of each month on Zoom starting in October; distributing materials to students.

4th Grade:   Joan Aoki, Gail Satake-Nakamura and Sharon Tsukahara

Meeting the first Sunday of each month on Zoom starting in October.

5th & 6th Grade:   Carol Harbin and Debby Inenaga

Meeting the third Sunday of each month on Zoom starting in September.

7th & 8th Grade:  Kelsey Sawamura and Haley Sawamura

Meeting twice a month on the second and fourth Sundays of each month on Zoom.

High School:  Bruce Morimoto

Meeting weekly starting September 19 for a short discussion with the third Sunday of each month involving a 45-minute lesson on Zoom.


We would also like to acknowledge two teachers who will not be returning this year: 

 Mrs. Esther Bunya for her many (many, many) years of service to our Dharma School and 

 Elise Fujimoto for her thought-provoking lessons for high school students

Thank you so much for your countless valuable contributions to our program – you will be missed!


A Dharma School Parents’ Meeting was held immediately following service on Sunday, September 12. If you were unable to attend, please email Brent Izutsu <brent.izutsu@gmail.com> for a copy of the slides.


Sunday, October 24:   Coast District Virtual Nembutsu Family Conference

Dharma School families are encouraged to sign up and participate in this year’s Coast District Nembutsu Family Conference hosted virtually by the Watsonville Buddhist Temple.  The deadline to sign up is October 10.

In Gassho,

Brent Izutsu

Dharma School Superintendent