Dharma School News – January 2021


Dharma School In 2021

Due to the current and anticipated COVID-19 situation in the Bay Area, Dharma School will continue to be held remotely into 2021.  We thank our Dharma School students, teachers, and families for being flexible and resilient even as we continue to face new and ongoing challenges during the pandemic.

Volunteers Needed for Online Engagement

The Dharma School is seeking volunteers to help plan and execute online activities to help reconnect and re-engage our families even as we continue to remain in our homes.


2020 Was a Remarkable Year

We have seen much physical, mental, and economic suffering as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread around the globe.  We have been forced to reflect on our preconceived notions of the world and look inwardly to confront our explicit and implicit biases as issues of social and economic inequity and inequality, systemic racism, and racial violence were – and continue to be – put into stark focus.  We have seen large swaths of California (and other parts of the country) burned in fast-moving fires that put many communities in harm’s way.  And, we continue to grapple with repercussions of a contentious election that highlights sharp divides within our country.

But, it wasn’t all bad.  We have also seen people step up to help others in big and small ways:

  • Our first and second responders put themselves at risk to answer all of the challenges that have arisen throughout the year;
  • Our communities have stepped up to support and amplify the voices of our Black brothers and sisters; and
  • Here in our Mountain View Buddhist Temple community, we have seen our members and affiliates reach out with online events and activities, meals, assistance, phone calls, emails, and letters to check in and take care of each other.

Suddenly, the busyness in our lives has shifted to an appreciation for the people we have in our lives and our opportunities to connect with one another.  We have learned important and memorable lessons in interdependence, in sacrifice and humility, in resilience, and above all, compassion.

So as this year comes to a close, let us gratefully reflect upon the people and things we appreciate and the special moments we found despite the unprecedented chaos.  May you and your families have a safe and happy holiday season, and we’ll see you (online) in 2021!


In Gassho,

Brent Izutsu

Dharma School Superintendent