Dharma School News – February 2023

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  明けまして おめでとう ございます! 

I hope 2023 is off to an auspicious start, and I would like to thank you for supporting our Dharma School and continuing to make it a strong and vibrant program for our youth.  I appreciate all of your contributions and look forward to your continued support, guidance, and fellowship in 2023!


Mochitsuki and Osoji

Thank you to all of the Dharma School students and parents who came and helped with Mochitsuki and Osoji!  It was so nice to see so many people come together after so long to share in our Temple’s traditions and ensure that they are kept alive.

Dharma School Theme

Congratulations to Jeremy Tao for submitting the winning theme for this year of “Kansha,” which has a literal translation as appreciation or gratitude in noun form, but in practice, is an action of cultivating a sincere feeling and practice of heartfelt gratitude.  Thank you to all of the students who submitted entries!

In Gassho,

Brent Izutsu

Dharma School Superintendent