BWA News – February 2022


It was an honor for BWA to sponsor the WWII camp internees flag signing at our Temple on Sunday, January 9, 2022.  The event was a great success with 32 signers.  Some also signed for family members who were deceased or unable to attend.

A special thank you to Shirley Matsumoto and Lois Okino for coordinating the event with telephone calls and online communications.  They did a great job!  Also, thanks to the hard-working volunteers who all came to help keeping things running smoothly. Thank you: Lorrie & Glenn Kitasoe; Phyllis Chan; Lois Okino, Will and Kendall Dea; Amy & Eric Arakaki; Julie Nakatani; and Ray Murakami.

Watch for the next issue of the Echo for more on the American Flag Signing event with photos.


$20 membership dues for 2022 are now being accepted.

In Gassho,

Reiko Murakami

BWA President