BWA News – December 2022

Federation of Buddhist Women’s Association Conference

The Federation of Buddhist Women’s Association (FBWA) held their virtual Conference and representatives meeting October 14 – 16, 2022.  The virtual conference entitled “Winds of Change” was held via Zoom and hosted by the Northern California District in Sacramento.

The conference was very organized and inspirational.  There were several presentations focusing on the future of BWA and our Temples, and a panel discussions of young female BCA Ministers and Minister’s Assistants and interviews with college age Temple members.

A variety of workshops including card making, a Japanese cooking demonstration, and a talk on Global Citizenship Education “Compassion in Action” in making our Shin teaching relevant to our youth.

Dr. Paula Arai, Professor of the Women and Buddhist Studies, in her lecture gave perspectives on Eshinni and Kakusinni about early Jodo Shinshu women pioneers with responses by three other female Buddhist Scholars.

There was also the presentation of the new Gatha “With gassho from the Heart” that was composed by Donna Sasaki and the BCA Music Committee.  It was sponsored by the BCA FBWA for the 2023 World Buddhist Women’s Convention in Kyoto.

MVBT BWA Dana Youth Fund Drive

In keeping our tradition with our Dana Youth Fund Drive, MVBT BWA will be sending out our letters this month.


In Gassho,

Reiko Murakami

BWA President