BWA News- April 2023

MVBT Chicken Teriyaki

BWA has committed to making Otsukemono for the MVBT Chicken Teriyaki in June and for the Obon Bazaar on July 15 and 16.


In May 2023, there will be a group of BWA members with Rev. Mukojima attending the World Buddhist Women’s Conference (WBWC) in Kyoto, Japan.  The event coincides with the celebrations of the 850th birthday of Shinran Shonin and the 800th anniversary of the Hongwanji.

New Member’s Welcome Luncheon

We are planning a Welcome Luncheon for our new members on April 1 at China Stix in Santa Clara.

FBWA Conference

We are gearing up with meetings/planning for the Federation of Buddhist Women’s Association (FBWA) Conference in San Jose, October 2024, hosted by Coast District Buddhist Women’s League (CDBWL).   MVBT BWA has many responsibilities as the remaining BWA Chapters remaining in the Coast District are in San Jose, Mountain View and San Luis Obispo.

Membership Dues

$20 membership dues for 2023 are now being accepted.


In Gassho,

Reiko Murakami

BWA President