Amy Imai Elementary School

Mountain View’s City Councilwoman Margaret Abe-Koga proposed to the Board of Trustees of the Mountain View Whisman School District to rename an elementary school after Amy Imai.  At a June 3 Board meeting, the renaming of the elementary school was discussed.   Our Temple President Bob Matsumoto attended and told the Board members that Amy Imai had a “huge impact” on the Mountain View Buddhist Temple, both as a teacher and a source of inspiration.  Naomi Nakano-Matsumoto told the Board members that Amy Imai was the “clear choice” due to her local ties, her influence as a role model and her ancestry.   At the June 17 Board meeting, the Board approved the name change.

Life-Long MVBT Member

Amy Imai was a life-long member of the Mountain View Buddhist Temple.  Amy and her husband, Robert, were members of the church when it was called the Mountain View Buddhist Church.  In 1970, the name was changed to the Mountain View Buddhist Temple.

Amy Imai was a major contributor to the many activities that defined the Temple and to many organizations that we now enjoy at the Temple.

50th Anniversary Co-chairpersons

In 2011, Amy Imai was the co-chairperson with Aiko Sugimoto-Miyamoto for the Temple’s 50th Anniversary celebration.  The celebration was to commemorate the 50th year as an independent temple.   Amy and Aiko coordinated a day filled with memories for all.  The day included a 50th Anniversary Service with an Ochigo Procession, Temple tours, children activities, banquet, dinner and entertainment.

50th Anniversary Co-Chairpersons,
Amy Imai (left) and
Aiko Sugimoto-Miyamoto

Dharma School

Amy Imai was a Dharma School teacher for 45 years.  During these years, Amy served as Superintendent, Dharma School teacher and organized yearly field trips to many fun places mostly in the Bay Area.  These places include Marine World, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Great America and the Jodo Shinshu Center.

1985. Past Dharma School Superintendents
2008 – 2009 Dharma School Teachers
Amy Imai (5th from left)

 Echo Co-Editor

Amy Imai with Toshiko Kawamoto were co-editors of the Echo newsletter for 20 years.  With a dedicated staff, they published the Echo every month.

Amy Imai on right with Toshiko Kawamoto,
co-editors of Echo 1993 to 2013.
2011 Echo Staff. Amy Imai is on the left

Seniors Activities Group

Amy Imai was on the committee that formed and started the Senior Activities Group in 2009.  The Group continues to meet every Thursday morning.  The group allows seniors to stay active mentally, physically and socially.   Amy actively organized refreshments, created an environment for seniors to meet old friends, and encouraged activities like card games, line dancing, and various arts and crafts.  The Group also took many field trips.

2010 – Senior Activities Committee.
Amy Imai is in center

Congratulations to the Family of Amy Imai

The Mountain View Buddhist Temple congratulates the family of Amy Imai for the renaming of an elementary school after her.  Her accomplishments cover many aspects including the City of Mountain View, the Mountain View Whisman School District, the Mountain View-Los Altos High School District and the Mountain View Buddhist Temple.

2006 –Tour of Jodo Shinshu Center in
2005 – California Assembly with Assemblywoman Sally J. Lieber

Namo Amida Butsu

With Kindness and Gratitude beyond words.

An article about why an elementary school was renamed in the Mountain View Whisman School District can be found in the Mountain View Voice, a newspaper for the City of Mountain View. Go to: