The temple is administered by the Board of Directors as defined in the by-laws of the Mountain View Buddhist Temple. The temple membership is divided into fourteen geographical zones called Toban Zones. Representatives from each zone are elected and/or appointed annually to serve on the Board of Directors. Mountain View Buddhist Temple Cabinet President: Doug Sawamura 1st Vice–President: Robert Matsumoto 2nd Vice–President: John Arima Recording Secretary: Don Fukuma Corresponding Secretary: Jean Shimoguchi Co-Treasurers: John Arao and Bob Imai Auditor: Irving Ozawa Assistant Auditor: Peter Matsumoto Historian: Eric Arakaki Membership Co-chairpersons: Bob Yamanaga and Steve Tsuchida Assistant Membership Chairperson: Steve Tsuchida Echo Co-Editors: Haruye Hoshi and Steve Tsuchida [CF: ADD MVBT CABINET CONTACT INFO … GRAPHIC SO IT CAN’T BE HARVESTED BY ROBOT?]