ABA & YABA’s Community Service Project

ABA, in collaboration with YABA, completed a community service project for LifeMoves of Mountain View, a provider of interim housing and services to the unhoused in Silicon Valley.  As clients transition to more stable housing, they are provided with “Welcome Baskets” filled with basic cleaning supplies for their new surroundings. 

Together, ABA and YABA assembled 15 “baskets” in 5-gallon buckets containing Swiffers, disinfectants, sponges, gloves, and other essentials.  Thank-you to YABA President Alex Muselman for co-leading the project, and to Ken and Mieko Nakano, Marilyn Ozawa, Toshiko Uyehara, Alice Ishida, Lauren Muselman, Ashley Andrews and Sterling Makishima for their support and assistance. 

It was a very satisfying experience that hopefully will steer the way for other Temple groups to become involved with additional LifeMoves projects in the future.


In Gassho,

Joanne Makishima

Coordinator for Community