ABA News – May 2023

Alta Mesa Cemetery Cleanup: Miroku & ABA

This year four Miroku members and their parents joined ABA with the annual Alta Mesa Cemetery clean up on April 15.  The four Miroku members were Kate Hojo, Sophia Eng, Jeremy Tao and Garrett Tao along with their parents Tricia Hojo, Kim Tsuchida and Janell & Ryan Tao

Everyone worked hard with a sense of gratitude by trimming, cleaning and placing flowers at the headstones of many former MVBT members. 

Afterwards, 33 ABA and Miroku members enjoyed a pizza lunch arranged by Judy Nakano and Alice Ishida.  Also, Mel Inouye was able to receive 100 bunches of donated flowers that were placed on the headstones.  Thanks Judy, Alice and Mel!

Pickle Ball

The introduction and demonstration of this game will be rescheduled and the date is to be determined. 

If you have any questions, please contact Sterling Makishima.

hondo speakers

ABA will be donating two additional speakers for the Hondo to improve the listening coverage. 

In Gassho,
Ken Nakano
ABA President