ABA News – March 2022

ABA Activities

ABA members continue to meet via Zoom on a monthly basis. 

Although we haven’t had too many activities due to MVBT’s COVID guidelines, several members continue to support MVBT through their association with Dharma School, BWA, Rev. Mukojima’s Buddhist Discussions, Senior Outreach Committee, Vision Committee and Senior Activities Group.

Helping to Solve Homelessness

With YABA, ABA plans to participate in a community activity with LifeMoves, a Mountain View-based agency for non-housed people. 

When LifeMoves’ clients move into housing, they often need cleaning supplies.  More details on how ABA and YABA will help to come.  Thanks to Joanne Makishima (ABA) and Alex Muselman (YABA) for coordinating this activity.

With gassho,

Jean Shimoguchi

ABA President