ABA News – July 2023

ABA Activities

ABA supported the recent Chicken Teriyaki fundraiser with chicken cleaning, cooking, rice packing and cleanup. 

Our next support will be the Obon Festival & Bazaar  fundraiser on July 15-16 by being in charge of the Chicken Teriyaki and Spam Musubi sales booth. 

And on August 19, we will help with the Sasaki Golf Tournament dinner with the cooking and kitchen assistance. 

At the end of August, ABA will be attending the San Jose Giants game (and fireworks show) on August 25 for the 11th consecutive year! 


Phyllis and Doug Sawamura have officially joined the MVBT ABA!  Our membership welcomes the Sawamura’s to our ABA family! 

Join ABA

If you are interested in joining ABA or have any questions, please contact Reiko Tsuchida (Membership Chairperson), Mieko Nakano (Assistant Membership Chairperson) or any ABA member.

Next Meeting

The next ABA meeting will be on Friday, July 7 at 7:30 pm via Zoom.


In Gassho,
Ken Nakano
ABA President