ABA News – December 2021

Kimochi —  Japanese Tradition of Care and Support for Seniors

Kimochi Home San Francisco
Kimochi San Mateo

On Sunday, October 17, ABA hosted a presentation about Kimochi by Shawne O’Connell, Director of Programs.  She explained that Kimochi has two locations – San Francisco and San Mateo  – that offer residential and day care services for the senior community. 

The San Francisco location was founded in 1983 and offers residential programs with single and double rooms for non-ambulatory patients.  The day care services include a lunch program of Japanese food and classes in tai chi for arthritis and fall prevention, origami and technology. 

In 2016, Kimochi purchased a former hospice care site in San Mateo and worked for two years to retrofit the building to meet their needs.  Their residential care is for non-ambulatory patients.

For more information, contact Shawne O’Connell at SOConnell@kimochi-inc.org.

Kimochi Senior Center Programs & Services


In Gassho,

Jean Shimoguchi

ABA President