2022 MBVT Chicken Teriyaki Dinner

Hi Everyone,

A big Thank You to all of the members who purchased this year’s version of Chicken Teriyaki!

We prepared and sold 407 meals; 384 take-out, 23 dine-in.

This year’s version was a little different than the usual meals prepared, but we wanted to get back to a little normalcy and prepare some real chicken.

We hope you all enjoyed the chicken and tsukemono that was prepared by our small group of volunteers.


Here are some e-mails that I have received since the event.

  • “Teriyaki Chicken is excellent.  I give it A+.  How long did you marinate?  The teriyaki flavor permeated the breast meat and not dried out.”
  • “Chicken was delicious & still hot!!”
  • “Chickens were HOT off the grill and juicy!”
  • “This is the first time we ever got a ‘hot’ teri chicken except at the Obon Bazaar and they were delicious!!  Breasts were huge and the thighs were smaller but meaty!  I know it was sooooo much work, but I want everyone to know it was well worth it and we truly appreciated it.”
  • “Thanks for all your work on Chicken Teriyaki.  It was absolutely delicious and so reassuringly familiar, even if slightly different.  Thanks and congratulations to your entire team!”


I’d like to thank the members of Zone 8 who helped at some point during the week of preparation, either prior to or the day of.

  • Randy, Deb, Jordyn, Tyler and Connor Sato
  • Chester and Cheryl Okuno
  • Walt and Jody Low
  • Joan Aoki
  • Alec Matsumoto
  • Dave Nishimoto
  • Rob and Pauline Shinkawa
  • Betty and Lauren Hamasaki

In addition, thanks to Doug Sawamura, Bob Matsumoto and Steve Tsuchida for helping on the day of the event, even though they are not part of Zone 8, their knowledge and help was greatly appreciated!

Lastly thanks to Bryan Nishimoto, Candice Maruyama and Haruye Hoshi for help with supply ordering and marinade preparation, respectively.

In Gassho,

Craig and

Zone 8’s 2022 Chicken Teriyaki Crew