Hanamatsuri Service Recap: Held April 9, 2023

This year’s Hanamatsuri Service was held on Sunday, April 9.  It was a very special service this year.  The YBA chaired the service.  The service had an Ochigo Procession, an in-person Hatsumairi, a decorated Hanamido White Elephant for the tea offering, the singing of In Lumbini’s Garden led by the Dharma School, and a special presentation of “Life of Buddha” by the YBA.

An O-chigo Procession started the service.  Fourteen Dharma School students dressed in Ochigo outfits walked in the procession into the hondo.  Their parents were proudly smiling and cheering for their children as they walked down the center aisle.

A decorated white elephant was used to do oshoko by pouring tea over a statue of the Buddha.  The photos show the Ochigo participants and Dharma School students doing Oshoko at the Hanamido.

The Dharma School children led the congregation in singing “In Lumbini’s Garden.”  Lumbini’s Garden is where Queen Maya gave birth to Siddhartha Gautama.

The Hatsumairi ceremony was held during the Hanamatsuri service.  This is described in a separate article.  

The YBA played a Quiz Show with the theme “Life of Buddha.”  The congregation seating in right-side pews played against the congregation seating in the left-side pews.  Here are two of the questions.  Can you answer them?

At the end of the Quiz Show, the score was tied.  To decide on a winner, each side has a participant play “Jan Ken Po.”


In Gassho,

The Mountain View Buddhist Temple