Adult Buddhist Association (ABA) News – September 2023

 Looking Back

ABA participated in the Urabon/Hatsubon Service on July 9 with ABA members Russ Nakano serving as the service Chairperson and Jean Shimoguchi reciting a Buddhist reading. 

For this year’s Obon, ABA sold Chicken Teriyaki and Spam Musubi.   Big thanks goes to Steve Tsuchida and his committee of Lois Okino, Shirley Matsumoto, Reiko Tsuchida and Russ Nakano, who organized the booth from start to finish with a history of notes and photos from previous Obon’s to help guide the ABA volunteers.

Looking Ahead

ABA will be involved with the 36th Sasaki Memorial Golf Tournament on August 19 at the Sunnyvale Golf Course with Steve Tsuchida chairing the event that includes a BBQ dinner following the tournament at MVBT.  ABA members will help with the dinner preparations with Russ Nakano as the Chief Cook. 

On August 25, ABA will attend the San Jose Giants game for the 11th consecutive year that includes an impressive fireworks show after the game. 

The Sangha Day Picnic will be held on September 24 at MVBT and ABA will be hosting the BINGO games. 

Sunday, October 8 will be the BCA Bishops’ & MVBT ABA Memorial service

Lastly, November 10 will be the annual ABA Meet & Mingle activity which is a social gathering just to have a fun evening! 

Join ABA and Have Fun

If you are interested in joining ABA or have any questions, please contact Reiko Tsuchida (Membership Chairperson), Mieko Nakano (Assistant Membership Chairperson) or any ABA member.

Next Meeting

The September ABA meeting will be on Friday, September 8, at 7:30 pm.


In Gassho,
Ken Nakano
ABA President